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Bonded Builders Warranty Group

Bonded Builders Warranty Group is a diversified company with affiliates serving both the building industry and the nation’s homeowners. Founded in Florida in 1989. Bonded Builders companies operate throughout the US, providing a wide range of home warranty products.

Bonded Builders Warranty Group offers warranties on new homes including site and systems built homes, manufactured homes and condominiums; remodeling warranties, extended appliance warranties and warranties covering mold and water intrusion.

The Bonded Builders corporate family is an active voice in the building industry, bringing together the interests of consumers and builders to protect the dream of home ownership.



Workmanship, Materials and System Defects

During the warranty period on your new home, B.E. Schaefer Custom Homes assures, and we (Bonded Builders) warrant, that the home will be free from:

Defects in the materials or workmanship as defined in the Construction Performance Standards. This does not include defects in appliances, fixtures and equipment, which are not covered in this warranty.

Defects in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems as defined in the Construction Performance Standards, including wiring, piping and ductwork of those systems.

If defects in any of these systems result from failure of an appliance, fixture or equipment that is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, those defects are not covered by this warranty.

Refer to the warranty for coverage exclusions.


The warranty provides coverage for “major structural defects” that occur during the term of the warranty.

A “major structural defect” is defined as actual physical damage to load-bearing portions of the home. This damage must affect the load-bearing function to the extent that the home becomes unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unlivable. The repair will include only the steps necessary to ensure that the home is restored to its approximate condition just prior to the defect, not “like new” condition. Repair to the load-bearing portions of the home to restore load-bearing ability.

Subject to the limits provided in the warranty, we will a) repair or replace a covered major structural defect or b) pay the homeowner the reasonable actual cost of repair or replacement. Repair of the major structural defect is limited to:

Repair to the load-bearing portions that make the home unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unlivable.

Bonded Builders is responsible to you, the homeowner, for total liability of all major structural defects arising during the term of the warranty. Liability is limited to the amount of coverage provided under the warranty and will not exceed the original purchase price of the home. Repair and/or replacement do not affect the term of the warranty. Refer to the warranty for coverage exclusions.

For more information: Bonded Builders Warranty Group


Is The Warranty Transferable?
Yes, the warranty is on the house and it transfers automatically upon a change of ownership during the warranty period. For their own peace-of-mind, homeowners, other than the original owner, should notify Bonded Builders in writing that they are the new owners at the covered address. However, failure to do so will not affect coverage for the property. A transfer fee of $40.00 applies which covers all new documentation, handling and shipping charges. Please click the link to download the BBWG Warranty Transfer Form. Allow up to two weeks for processing.

What Is Bonded Builders Address?
Corporate Office: 1500 Kings Highway, Port Charlotte, FL 33980 Claims Office: PO Box 810245, Boca Raton, FL 33481

What Is Bonded Builders Fax Number?
Corporate Office: 941-743-0534 Claims Office: 561-368-1781

How Do I Report a Problem With My Home?
All claims must be submitted in writing. Please refer to your warranty document under the Section: “How To Make A Claim”. If you are unable to find an answer to your questions about your warranty on this site, you may call 800-749-0381, x3055. Please be aware calling will not reserve your rights under the warranty, and verbal statements cannot change or override the coverage as written in the warranty document.
Bonded Builders Insurance Services will write homeowners policy through one of Bankers Insurance Group’s experienced property insurance carriers. You can receive a no obligation quote by calling 1-877-219-9519.

What Is Covered By The Bonded Builders Warranty?
It depends on the particular warranty coverages provided by your builder. Most new-home warranties cover workmanship, materials, systems and major structural defects for the defined term of your warranty. Please refer to the warranty document. If you do not have this document, please call 800-749-0381 to request a new one.

What Do I Do If My Warranty Document Is Misplaced?
A lost warranty document, can be replaced for a modest charge of $5, which covers replacement cost, handling and shipping charges. Please allow up to two weeks for processing.